Inosat Solutions

Inosat Solutions

Inter Group is the exclusive agent of Inosat in Iraq, a Portuguese company that specializes in the development, production and marketing of GPS tracking solutions, and Mobility Intelligence. 

Inter Group works actively with Inosat to bring some of Europe’s most advanced Internet Communications Technology products to the Iraqi Market. With experience in the fields of shipping & transportation, logistics, Oil & Gas and various others, both Inter Group and Inosat promise to bring some of the world’s most advanced systems to Iraq.

Field Team Management

Navigator is a field team management solution. Navigator fleet managers can send the itineraries created to field teams, which can navigate automatically to destination. The information on the job’s completion is given in real time.

Telematics fleet management

Inofleet is an innovative web-based fleet management system, available through any PC or device connected to the internet through a SaaS delivery model (Software as a Service). Based on GPS and GSM technology, is capable of managing, in real time, relevant information that allows the planning of company’s fleet activities for the purpose of increasing profitability and productivity, optimize resources and allowing customers a quick return on investment.

Route Planning & Scheduling

Inosat route planning solution enables deliveries success by allowing activity planning & scheduling, taking into account the available resources and the existing constraints, allowing companies to achieve savings of 20% on their operating costs.

Fuel Management

Fuel theft has always been a problem companies face, especially in times when crude prices rise. However, these days fuel theft is becoming an austerity trend. These thefts are commonly perpetrated both by company workers and common thieves.

Being fuel one of the most elevated operational costs for companies that have a fleet of vehicles on the road, companies managers need to be alert and equip themselves with tools to identify and eliminate common situations such has fuel tank cap violation, sudden drops during a trip or during the night, and refilling anomalies.


Driver Behaviour

Each day more companies are looking into the security conditions on the road, and encouraging the adoption of defensive driving behaviours.
Inosat developed an advanced technology that collects information from the vehicle enabling the drivers’ behaviour optimization and consequently reducing fuel consumption. Companies also benefit from a significant reduction of the vehicles maintenance costs through a more defensive driving. Besides fuel consumption reduction and maintenance costs reduction companies are able to reduce the accidents related with abusive driving styles

Personal Location

Inosat My Locator is an advanced GPS/GSM tracking system that allows provate persons or companies to locate everything that matters the most whether it’s a relative, children, elder people, or even important objects. Companies can use My Locator to locate parcels, or valued assets. With My Locator you will be able to know, in real time and anywhere in the world, where all those objects are, through a PC or a Mobile Device, with access to Internet.

Car Theft Prevention

CAR Locator is a GPS/GSM tracking solution designed to locate vehicles in real time, fully controlled by users. Using Car Locator users can immobilize the vehicle remotely whenever they are facing potentially dangerous situations. The location is made in real time anywhere in the world. The solution is available through any PC or mobile device with access to internet.

Add Ons

Peripheral composed by a RFID Reader and an ID Card allows managers to always know who is driving or who drove a vehicle at a given moment. Inofleet Reports can be obtained both by driver and vehicle. Every time a driver does not identify himself in the beginning of a trip, the Driver ID peripheral issues a warning “beep” sound in order to alert and prevent the driver forgetting to identify himself. Managers can also activate the non identified driver alert. Other Add ons include, Fuel sensors, breathalyzers, immobilization, temperature sensors and many more.


Please view the below tabs to learn more about the various industries Inosat serves:

constructionInosat has developed InoConstruction, an innovative solution developed for companies acting in the construction and equipment rental areas. InoConstruction provides the most relevant information that ensures an effective management of these indispensable resources.

  • Increase productivity
  • Monitor tasks execution in real time
  • Maintenance Automatic control
  • Ensure the safety of your machines
  • Valued Management Information
  • Increase on security and costs reduction

emergencyInoEmergency, a solution designed especially for businesses where speed of action at emergency situations is converted to a critical success factor.

  • Arrive quickly to emergency sites
  • Alert emergency vehicles immediately
  • Guarantee fuel saving
  • Reduce communications costs
  • Know the price of each km traveled

insuranceInoInsurance, designed especially to answer the needs of insurance and leasing companies in a market that is preparing to gain momentum. InoInsurance is a telematics solution that allows companies to track kms driven, collect information on drivers actual performance, being also able to provide feedback that allows the improvement of driving performances and vehicles efficiency.



transportInoTransports, an innovative solution that allows transport companies to manage their fleets ensuring key aspects for their activity.

  • Eliminate fuel theft
  • Guarantee customer satisfaction
  • Ensure driver, vehicle and cargo safety
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Guarantee fuel saving


oilandgasInosat has developed an innovative solution based on the needs of security and control of companies operating in the areas of Special Transports. Companies dealing with fuel transportation, hazardous materials, values, local transports in mines and construction, among others, increasingly need to ensure safety and compliance with progressively more demanding rules.

  • Reduce accidents due to driver negligence
  • Eliminate fuel thefts
  • Eliminate Cargo Theft
  • Ensure Vehicles’ Safety

wastecollectionInoWaste, an innovative solution that allows fleet managers to control waste collection in real time.

  • Guarantee itineraries fulfilment and ensure an effective waste collection
  • Set alerts for abnormal situations and ensure Drivers and vehicles safety
  • Increase teams’ productivity
  • Reduction in maintenance costs
  • Guarantee fuel saving